Jumat, 14 April 2017

My diary

Assalamualaikum warrahmatulohi wabarrakatu.
               Today is Tuesday, where every Tuesday is always held courses on English and carried her
 always at Amcor is american corners. But because today Amcor is being used then the English courses 
from Amcor in moving to the BCLC. Before being transferred to BCLC we also had to wait a while, then
 miss notified that we had to move to the BCLC. When it is in BCLC miss assign tasks, namely, to read
 the book and understand it and be able to deduce what lessons can be learned from the story book.
                I also had to scramble with my friend to choose the book I read. Finally, I also take a story 
 book titled Lazy Larry, as I understand it and I can take a lesson from the book. That should not be a lazy
 person who only choose a job that is simple, learn to always work hard. Then the second lesson that is, 
do not we sell all that we have to get something we want, because someday we will lose all that we 
have for the sake of something that is not important. After I completed the task of Early eventually 
miss me and my friends got up to go home. This is my story on Tuesday's. So many stories to tell 
this time, wassalamualaikum warrahmatulohi wabarrakatu.


The interviewer

“Interviewing merchants fried rice”
The resource person     : Assalamualaikum, Good evening sir.
The interviewer            : Waalaikumsallam. Yes, the evening also.
The resource person     : Sorry disturbing time, may i chatted briefly with sir?
The interviewer            : Yes of course it can be.
The resource person     : Actually i have a task from lecturers the courses i pack, for interviews     and i think sir is right people i interviewed for. What the mr is willing to help me to be my tutor?
The interviewer             : Sir was willing to help you.
The resource person      : If i way know your name to anyone?
The interviewer             : My name is Mr.Santo.
The resource person      : How long have mr santo Selling fried rice?
The interviewer             : About three years ago.
The resource person      : How much income Mr.Santo get one day?
The interviewer             : Approximately seven hundred thousand rupiah.
The resource person      : How profit Mr.Santo can each month?
The interviewer             : Approxitemaly fifty percent that i can get.
The resource person      : From what time Mr. Santo began to open or selling this fried rice?
The interviewer             : Arround four oclock in the afternoon till ten o’clock in the evening.
The resource person      : How does the making of special fried rice Mr.Santo?
The interviewer        : The first pieces of chicken meat, rice, soy sauce, chili,flavor enhancer, flavoring and so on.
The resource person      : How much fried rice which mr santo selling?
The interviewer             : The price of a pack of fried rice was eleven thousand rupiah.
The resource person      : Why prefer selling fried rice Mr.Santo?
The interviewer         :  I like to open his business wih a small capital, i ventured to open this business, and eventually my sales have increased the longer the visitors many say my homemade fried rice is very tasty and it’s cheap, it makes me increasingly spirited live my efforts.
The resource person     : Thank you mr santo already want to divide the story about the efforts of mr santo lives. Easy to hope the effort mr santo getting running smoothly, amen.
The interviewer             : Amen, thank you little sister over his prayer.
The resource person : Yes Mr.Santo, i came home just yet Mr. Santo, wassalamualaikum warrahmatulohi wabarrakatu.
The interviewer             : waalaikumsallam warramatulohi wabarrakatu.

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

What we can imagine if there is no oxygen

Assalamualaikum warrahmatulohi wabarrakatu,

This time I will talk about what I could imagine if suddenly the oxygen is no longer in this world. If there is no oxygen in this world may all living beings will not be able to survive, only a few seconds if there is no oxygen we can get too hot and could not breathe and die from lack of oxygen. Oxygen plays an important role for humans, if there is no oxygen so that no one can maintain an object on the ground, so that all the objects that are on top will fall down. For example, a helicopter or plane will fall to the bottom, in the absence of oxygen, oxygen is also useful to protect our skin from the sun, if there is no oxygen then our skin will burn.

If there is no oxygen, plants can not grow, and the animal will die, then everywhere will be famine, and death will come to us every second. If we have to buy oxygen every second how much money should we spend to survive, if a man or woman is very rich, they also can not continue to buy every day, while those who do not have a lot of money to be given up to this situation. Life and death only Allah disposes. Everything that Allah has created is certainly very beneficial to His creatures.

We as beings to be able to maintain and grateful for the blessings that have been given to us. Never complain every blessing that Allah gives. Here's what I can write about what I imagined, wassalamualaikum warrahmatulohi wabarrakatu.