Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

VIDEO SPEECH : Weakening economy in indonesia . Indah Febriyanti. F1031161059. Economi Education.

Assalamualaikum wr...wb....
First of all, I am not bored here to invite all audiences to always be grateful and praise the presence of Allah SWT which until now still always give his grace and gifts so that we are all still given the opportunity to be able to breathe the air freely. Not to forget also sholawat and greetings of course Prophet Muhammad who has guided so that we can all the way to the salvation of Islam.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the economy in Indonesia is still sluggish, although it has grown only 4-5% in recent years. Because Indeed every growth and economic changes that occur, basically low society also who will feel the impact. It seems a good impression that is seen by the international world, as it is inversely proportional to the economic conditions that exist in our country.
Causes First household consumption, public purchases of goods and services decline due to lower public purchasing power, The second is because domestic investment is declining and in many sectors even stopped.  The third value of commodity export in the country also declined. The fourth, government spending (Government Spending) because and the realization of the current state budget is not optimal.
Because in fact the lower middle class society even feel the economic situation is getting worse because it is only considered to defend the upper class only. Even many perceived government policies are touted for the benefit of the people, in fact still not fully defend the interests of the people. Moreover, the factors that affect things that intersect with government policies such as bureaucracy and state administration itself.

Seeing the economic conditions of our country in this way, it seems we have to be patient but still have to make various efforts to avoid continuous by the cruelty of the capitalists. So even though we are in the middle class down, but we still can show our existence as a majority who can not be considered one eye. Maybe that's all I can say, if there are some words that do not please me apologize.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My future business

My future business

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarrakatuh, this time i will tell you about how the future business i want talking about the desired business. Everyone must have a dream to be achieved on of them is to have a business. The desired business is certainly not far from the cost we must spend to ful fill that dream. We have to adapt what business we want at the cost we have. Do not let us want to have big business but not enough founds and finally have big debt to others the way is very wrong.

Here is the future business i want. Later after i finish college and work, i will save my money to build the business i want, that is building a restaurant. Why restaurant business? Since food is a basic human need, every human being needs to eat every day. Building restaurant also definitely cost a lot of money, so from no i’ve started putting my money aside for me tubes. And hopefully what i want for my future can come true, amen. 

And after i build business i want, i will always create the latest recipe and always innovate for my restaurant business, so the people who eat in my restaurant do not feel bored, and i want to create atmosphere in my restaurant. Place is very different from the restaurant other. So that customers feel comfortable with the facilities and services provided. Thats a little story about the future business i want, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.

Expo Auditorium Education Untan

Expo Auditorium Education Untan

This is the result of the expo task i have done, here are the results of the info i get.
1. Amcor Untan
The results exhibited by Amcor Untan is a books, and there is also a pen or can be called a three dimensional pencil. This is the resut of writing can be taken or can be removed and obtained from the American Embassy.

2. UPT Bahasa
The results are exhibited in the form of books Japan, Korea, Arabic language and there is a book for foreign standard one of them (IPT).
3.FKIP Untan
The items on display are books and novels.
4. LP3M Untan
Provide information on LP3M Untan (learning development institute and quality assurance). Such as accreditation coaching strategies, and learning development centers and instructional activities.
5. Menwa Satuan 601 Untan
Goods on display such as charter, trophies and then there are hats, clothes and there is a flag Mahapura, and there are some photos of the documentation of the activities that have been implemented.
6. Mipa Untan
The work on display in the form of animals that are preserved and then there is a robot that can be controlled. And the work has reseived appreciation and success fully followed the race and get the champion ship.

7. Studio Data Untan
Data studio untan describe some photos and there are studios that can take pictures and we will get sheet if you want to follow thesis.

The following is the documentation of the expo state in the audit untan.